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MSI's entry-level IT certification for individuals looking to enter the IT profession.  The PCHP™ certification will prove you have the ability to understand, diagnose, and construct basic PC systems.  The training material for this certification is included at no extra charge.  It will give you a solid understanding of computer hardware and show you how to construct a personal computer.

The PC Hardware Professional (PCHP) course training and certification test are done 100% online, allowing you to train when it is convenient for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Are There Prerequisites?
No, this is an entry-level certification.  Training material is included free of charge, or you can also purchase additional training material to help you prepare for the exam.

What is the Certification Test Like?
This test is designed to ensure that you can have a general understanding of how to build a personal computer (PC). It will be very important that you study the training material included to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the principals involved.  The test is open-note, however it is also timed, so you will not be able to look up answers to questions while taking the test.  The exam has approximately 30 questions, and you have 1-hour to complete it once you start.  If you do not pass the test on the first attempt you will be given two additional attempts at no charge.

How in-depth is the training?
The PC - Hardware Professional course is an entry-level certification designed to teach you the basics of constructing a personal computer.  Many jobs within the IT industry today require that their employees have at least a basic understanding of computer hardware.  For an example, click on this [Job Search] link to see how many positions mention the words "Computer hardware".

How long is the training course?
The training course is designed to take approximately 4 hours to complete and fully comprehend if you work non-stop.  It may take several days or weeks of study before you feel comfortable to take the final test.  You will then have 60 minutes to complete the test when you are ready.  It has approximately 30 questions.  You have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the course.

Is the test proctored?
No, the test for our project management course is not proctored at this time.  It is timed, with a limit of 60 minutes.  You may take the test online, from home or work whenever you are ready.

What will I receive after I pass the test?
You will be mailed a Certificate Of Completion, as well as a letter of congratulations and two copies of our training verification letters which you can give to employers who request it. The certificate is heavy-stock, cream paper suitable for framing. [View Example]

How would I list this certification on my resume?
Certifications are generally the last item listed under the education section of your resume.  List them directly beneath your college information in this format:

Management and Strategy Institute
- PC - Hardware Professional (PCHP)™


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate PC Hardware Professional

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